Iceland Day 9

Keflavik is a charming town that ranges from isolated living communities to full on urban/coastal life. Yesterday I ventured on a walk to explore on my own and today, Jennifer arrived and we explored together. Keflavik is home to many rock stars of Iceland and subsequently, the Museum of Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. We had to go. Having made this journey already yesterday, it was amazing to watch JBu’s reaction to the area as she had not yet encountered it.

In the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame museum, we met one of the museum staff who is actually engaged to marry the daughter of a late famous Icelandic Rock n Roll legend. It was fascinating to hear him speak about he connection, although he had not personally met the celebrity while he was alive. The museum not only hold artifacts but also in the center, has a music creation center, where you can try your hand at guitar, drums, and karaoke. JBu and I had a blast together.

On our adventure back to the hostel, we found an elf house and posed our lego figures with it, but not before speaking to the elves first, of course.

We also stopped by a bakery, bought some great home made treats to enjoy together along with some chai. The thing about Icelandic weather is, it changes frequently and dramatically. Earlier in the day the sun kept us warm but by this time of the day, drizzle began to fall and the overcast sky made it a wee bit chilly. These treats and our warm chai was just what the expedition ordered!

We rounded out our day with a meal together, Icelandic salmon, peppers, and pasta. Delicious! Now it’s time to rest up for tomorrow’s new exploration of the area with our Icelandic hosts!



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