Iceland Day 10

Garður and Keflavík

Today we met Óli and Arnbjörn, a father son duo of Icelandic spectacularism. Yes, I just made up that word and it’s perfect for these two amazing human beings. Together, they comprise GeoCamp Iceland. Björn (Short for Arnbjörn) is an educator at a school in Keflavik changing the education game. From spectacular alternative seating options, embedded student voice and choice, combined with vocational experiences for learners — I instantly fell in love with the philosophy and driving mission of the school.

We spent half of the day learning Iceland 101, receiving overviews of culture, geography, geology, and politics. All fascinating in their own right. For the afternoon, we set out to Garður, visiting a lighthouse, invertebrate filled tide pools, marine museum and research station, all culminating with an incredible family dinner at Óli’s house.

Here we met Þura, Sofi, and Sossa. Sossa is Oli’s wife, and an incredible artist. She graciously humored us as we asked to see her studio. I was not prepared for the sights I was about to behold. Even her artist’s workbench was incredible.

One thing is certain, this expedition is about to take off in a new direction, with this incredible family. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.




#ExpeditionSchnekser #OutdoorEdCollective #BoilingRiver #EducatorExplorer she/her #scitlap Founder @OutdoorEdColl National Geographic Grantee

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Becky Schnekser

Becky Schnekser

#ExpeditionSchnekser #OutdoorEdCollective #BoilingRiver #EducatorExplorer she/her #scitlap Founder @OutdoorEdColl National Geographic Grantee

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